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Rollo Jamison, born in Beetown, Wisconsin in 1899, started collecting arrowheads on his family's farm. This was just the beginning of his life-long interest in history and the objects used by people in their everyday lives. Rollo's collection grew over the years, representing the unique history of Southwest Wisconsin. Your tour will take you back to the turn of the 20th century for a look at what life was like in Platteville and southwest Wisconsin.

Among the unique items in the collection:

Farm wagon built by Henry Belz of Lancaster and owned by the Edward Pink family of Lancaster.

Simplex Cash Register, using marbles to record sales. One like this was used by the Brodbeck Meat Market, Platteville.

Penmanship chart, patented by John H. Reed of Lancaster in 1880.

Regina Corona Automatic Disk Changer Music Box, 1903, sold by Roberts and Greenier, Platteville.

The Rollo Jamison Museum is committed to serving the residents of Platteville and southwest Wisconsin with exhibits and education programs that help us understand the past. New exhibits for 2010 will include cigar factories in Platteville, the wheelwright, and the service organizations, Optimists and Kiwanis. Don't Fence Me in: Fences, Real and Implied is set up in the East Display.

Special events take place at the Rollo Jamison Museum throughout the year. The Winter Toy Train Exhibit, Heritage Day, Jamison Museum Association Annual Meeting and Program, and the annual Christmas exhibit all help to create meaningful links to the past.